1.  Hill Flemish Double Manual Harpsichord after Couchet - Opus 451 made in 2012, GG-d''' chromatic, transposing to A-440, 2 x 8', 1 x 4', Ebony naturals, Bone topped sharps, Boxwood arcades, Flemish papers on the interior, painted "Caput Mortuum" (very dark maroon) on the exterior, pearwood jacks, 4 screw-in legs, music desk.  Robust in sound, with a very singing tone, powerful bloom, light yet secure touch...one of my best harpsichords.  Currently located near Mantova, Italy.  Price: €45,000.00  See photo below.

I made this Couchet harpsichord together after another of near identical design, the other being a Ruckers design.  The person who bought the Ruckers instrument even before it was finished went on to have the harpsichord lavishly decorated in the manner of the Colmar Ruckers.  



2.  Hill Italian Single Manual Harpsichord after de Zentis - Opus 475 made in 2015, 2 x 8'  in brass, GG - f ''' at A-415 with transposing to A-440, Buff stop, handstops on the wrestplank, Boxwood naturals, Ebony topped sharps, Boxwood arcades, built as a true inner case of Italian Cypress, pearwood jacks, walnut registers, parchment rosette, with walnut music desk and three legged stand.  Does not come with an exterior case.  Price: $40,000.00

Opus 471 Italian Harpsichord.jpg


The picture below is of a copy, my opus 407 built in 2008, that I made of the original 1658 de Zentis, which I restored in 2004.  The main difference between that pictured below and the one I have for sale is the larger compass of opus 475.  The recording below was made on the instrument, opus 407, in this photo.  

 Hill Italian harpsichord after G. de zentis of 1 6 5 8 -- opus 4 0 7 made in 2 0 0 8

Hill Italian harpsichord after G. de zentis of 1 6 5 8 -- opus 4 0 7 made in 2 0 0 8


3.  Hill Flemish Double Manual Harpsichord to be made in 2019 after the 1640  "Ahaus" Ruckers that Leonhardt used in his Froberger recording.  It has a GG - e''' compass, 2 x 8’, 1 x 4’, transposing to A-440, Ebony naturals, Bone topped stained sharps, carved trefoil keyfronts, French style coupler, pearwood jacks, wood registers,  4 screw-in legs, simple music desk, with Flemish papers on the interior case, painted and gilded on the exterior and interior lid and molding.  Price is: $50,000.00  Will post a recording and photo as soon as possible, meanwhile, the following recording of one of my earlier Ahaus Ruckers instruments can be heard below.

You can hear the original 1640 Jan Ruckers in the recording below.

Here is Jean Rondeau playing Rameau on my Opus 194 made back in 1983/4, which is based on the Ahaus Ruckers.

Froberger - Toccata II - Blandine Verlet,1989 played on a  Hans Ruckers II,1624 (Colmar)


4.  Hill French Double Manual Harpsichord after Taskin Opus 383 made in 2005.

Though built in 2005, I only finished this harpsichord this year by decorating the soundboard, installing and finishing off the action and making a stand and music desk for it.  It has yet to be painted and gilded.  This harpsichord is unique amongst all the instruments I have made because the soundboard I used in it came from a Worel, 6 and one half octave, fortepiano made in 1835.  I came to own this piano through a negotiation with a music school that had bought it for their students to understand the music of that period on an original fortepiano.  However, the instrument sounded completely dead from middle c to the top note in the treble.  To correct that problem, I took out the original soundboard, installed a new one and the instrument finally sounded wonderfully full, singing, and powerful in the treble as well as in the bass.  Since there was nothing wrong with the wood in the soundboard, indeed, being split and old, both being serious advantages for sound quality, I was eager to make a harpsichord out of the soundboard.  As it turned out, it is perhaps the best harpsichord (meaning: being most like a fine original antique French harpsichord) I have ever made.  For this reason, the price reflects that singular distinction.  $75,000.00

Photos and recorded sound samples of this harpsichord will be posted as soon as the harpsichord has been completely finished.


5.  Hill Franco-Flemish Double Manual Harpsichord, built in 1979 as Opus 59 then rebuilt in 2008 as Opus "416".  The rebuild of this harpsichord involved replacing the soundboard, replacing the plastic jacks with pearwood jacks and new registers.  This harpsichord is 8' long and has a strong yet sweet sound.  It has ebony naturals and bone topped sharps, 2 x 8', 1 x 4', an FF to f '''compass, a four posted stand and an antique style music desk.  It has a primitive landscape painting by Keith Hill.  Price is:   $35,000.00  See the Photo below.

 Hill F r a n c o - f l e m i s h o P u s 5 9 / 4 1 6 made in 1979 and rebuilt in 2008

Hill F r a n c o - f l e m i s h o P u s 5 9 / 4 1 6 made in 1979 and rebuilt in 2008